The Bondsmen Present: Destiny- Episode 24

  • Introductions (3-6 minutes)
    • What have The Bondsmen been up to this week?
    • Personal bounties-
      • Travis & James had the same week in Iron Banner
        • Rank 5 with IB
        • Timur’s Lash
        • Felwinter’s Lie
        • All vanity items got
  • Destiny Year One comes to an end
  • Weekly update (15 minutes)
    • Court of Oryx reveal
      • 3 tiers of difficulty & rewards
    • 2.0 launches Sept. 8
      • Year One bounties auto abandon
      • Exotic Bounties will auto complete
        • Travis finally gets Thorn
      • Grimoire moves from character card
      • Goodbye Fallen Wolkfpx patrols
        • Finish Wanted grimoire
      • Storage limitations of older gen consoles
    • The Taken King Crucible Preview Event
      • Sept. 8-Sept. 14
  • Lore (5 minutes)
    • Ghost Fragment: Saturn

Special thanks to Sam Fitz-Simon for allowing us to use his song “Wait”.

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