The Bondsmen Present: Destiny- Episode 23
Introductions (3-6 minutes)

What have The Bondsmen been up to this week?

Personal bounties- 
Iron Banner

Last time for year 1

Get your emblems now
Weekly update (15 minutes)

New Subclass details




Strike Enhancements

Variety in strikes

Boss battles focused on mechanics over bullet sponges

Strike specific rewards


Level 40 required

No XP buff

No returning to orbit

30 second death timer

Weekly Heroic

Replaced by Heroic playlist

Level 40 required

Legendary Marks for completing the first 3

Guaranteed Legendary Engram for first weekly completion

No weekly cap on Legendary Marks?


Increased rewards for PVP and PVE

You must complete the story before pursuing any of the daily or weekly tasks

Lore (5 minutes)

Grimoire Reading- Saturn

Special thanks to Sam Fitz-Simon for allowing us to use his song “Wait”.
Total time: 

Comments(Post above most recent comment):
Community links

Keep Calm shirt

NaziNombie with lego gjally 

Little Light card

Ghost painting 

Wedding Cake Topper -(side note) this would be better if bride and groom were playing together

Lego Ghost


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