It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted any content for The Bondsmen, 590 days if you want to be pedantic about it. I know we just kinda disappeared; no goodbye note, farewell party, or even a “Dear John” letter. I’m sure our disappearance went unnoticed by most, but for those of you who looked forward to the weekly discourse I want to extend a heartfelt apology for just blinking out of existence.

Doing the podcast was a great experience. We all loved getting together and talking about the game: The things we loved, the things that made us want to bash our heads against a wall, and being part of what was and still is one of the best online communities.

Unfortunately life gets in the way of the fun sometimes. Real life responsibilities and a little bit of burn out with Destiny all coalesced to end the podcast and at the time our raid  team. All of use just stepped away from the game for a while.

I continued to pop into the game now and then, but about 4 months ago I got this itch to really jump back in. I started playing regularly, but more importantly I started to watch and listen to a lot of community content which revived my love for the game.

Fast forward to today. Through incessant texting of pictures of Crucible match screens and posting way too many Crucible game play clips to my feed I reinfected most of the team with the Destiny bug. The gameplay reveal event from last week cemented everyones desire to to get the band back together and play again.

So that brings us to this way too long post. The podcast has hung in the background. Hosting account, email, twitter, and website have all been there. Like a Guardian down waiting for revive. Waiting for their ghost to bring them back to life.

With the upcoming launch of Destiny 2 and the Beta this summer I think the waiting may be over.


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