The Bondsmen Present: Destiny- Episode 21

  • Introductions (3-6 minutes)
    • What have The Bondsmen been up to this week?
    • Personal bounties-
      • Ashley Completes Moments of Triumph
      • Ashley beats Harley Quinn DLC for Arkham Knight  
      • Joshua had a double hatrick in Heroes Of The Storm. No he didn’t. Loser.
  • Xur
    • Gjallarhorn is back!  
  • Weekly update (15 minutes)
    • Live stream schedule revealed
      • August 19- Transitioning into year two and the new tower
      • August 26- The Dreadnaught, new story info, & new subclasses
      • September 2- The Court of Oryx
    • Beware of shady characters
      • The banhammer is falling- Don’t be too close
    • Patch
      • Husk of the Pit is back and %150 more droppier
      • Minor Crucible tweaks
      • Nepal Aid shaders/emblems going out now
      • Tess Everis is on vacation
        • Visit the kiosk near Eva Levante (Guardian Outfitter, Tower North)
    • Check out the MOTW
  • Destiny needs a firing range for testing weapons
    • Stats should be consistent across weapon types
      • ¾ bar in range should mean the same for hand cannon, shotgun, etc.
  • Lore (5 minutes)
    • Gjallarhorn

Special thanks to Sam Fitz-Simon for allowing us to use his song “Wait”.

Total time:

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Title suggestions?

Gjallarhorn. Oprah style.

We need practice dummies. So we can practice, dummy.11

christmas in the summer: gjallarhorn


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