The Bondsmen Present: Destiny- Episode 17

  • Introductions (3-6 minutes)
    • What have The Bondsmen been up to this week?
    • Personal bounties-
  • Raid experiences (15 minutes)
    • Hard Mode Vault Run
      • 3 Fatebringers & a Vex
  • Xur (5 minutes)
    • No weapon available. Bungie actively working on it.
    • Armor for sale
      • Helm  of Inmost Light
        • Rain Blows- Increased melee attack speed
        • Invigoration- Reduces melee cooldown when you pick up an Orb
        • Recklessness- Provides Death From Above and Headstrong for FoH
      • Celestial Nighthawk
        • Ashes to Asset- Replenish super when you kill an enemy with a grenade
        • Inverse Shadow- Increased super energy gained from killing minions of the darkness
        • Big Game- Golden gun fires one shot, delivering 6x damage, while granting Keyhole for over penetration
      • Sunbreakers
        • Increased reload speed of all special weapons
        • Serpent’s Tail- Causing damage with a melee reduces your grenade cooldown
        • Helium Cycle- Increases the duration of your Solar Grenade
    • Heavy Ammo Synths & telemetries also available!
  • Weekly update (15 minutes)
    • Weapon Balance
      • “Everyone in the crucible uses Thorn”
        • 25% of IB participants used Thorn
      • Changes coming to our some fan favorites and duds alike
        • Necrochasm
          • Increased stability
          • Increase mag size
          • Cursebringer always procs on precision kills
          • Cursebringer is bigger and badder
        • Gjallarhorn
          • Reduce damage of Wolfpack rounds

Special thanks to Sam Fitz-Simon for allowing us to use his song “Wait”.

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