The Bondsmen Present: Destiny- Episode 9


  • Introductions
    • What have The Bondsmen been up to this week?
    • Personal bounties-
      • Ashley had a busy day
        • Fully upgraded Gjallarhorn, including ascending
        • Completed Bad Juju bounty
        • Reached level 32, without ascending


  • Raid Experiences
    • Killing Crota at level 34


  • Xur -First Reef appearance
    • Weapons for sale
      • The Last Word (Hand Cannon)
        • Extra precision damage when firing from the hip
        • Bonus accuracy while firing from the hip
    • Armor for sale
      • No Back Up Plans (Titan arms)
        • Increases duration of Force Barrier
        • Increased melee attack speed
        • Increased special weapon reload speed
      • Radiant Dance Machines (Hunter legs)
        • Carry more heavy weapon ammo
        • Move quicker ADS
      • Starfire Protocol (Warlock Chest)
        • Additional fusion grenade
        • Carry more fusion rifle ammo
        • Carry more heavy weapon ammo
    • Heavy Ammo Synths also available!
    • No upgrades, but exchanging 2 Strange Coins for 1 Mote of Light


  • Weekly update
    • HoW is live
      • Stats
        • Day 1: 11 billion glimmer paid as bounty
        • Day 1: 105 million engrams decrypted
        • Day 3: 900,000 story completions
        • Day 3: Skolas killed 9,000 times
      • Trials of Osiris Challenge
      • First impressions
        • New weapon/armor perks
        • Dead ghosts– How many have we found?
        • PoE- How long before we dominate it?
          • Treasure keys
          • Prowling Wolves events
    • Bungie Store now has t-shirts! To whom are you loyal?
    • Husky Raider videos


  • Lore
    • Grimoire Reading- Wanted: Skolas, Kell of Kells

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