The Bondsmen Present: Destiny- Episode 8

  • Introductions
    • What have The Bondsmen been up to this week?
    • Personal bounties-


  • Raid experiences
    • Crota Hard Mode
      • All the loots


  • Xur
    • Weapons for sale
      • Truth (Rocket Launcher, Void)
        • Aggressively tracks
        • Proximity detonation
    • Armor for sale
      • An Insurmountable Skullfort (Titan, helmet)
        • Infusion- Health gained from orbs of light
        • Improved Transfusion- Storm Fist kills trigger health regen.
      • Knucklehead Radar (Hunter, helmet)
        • Inverse Shadow- Killing minions increases Super regen
        • Sensor Pack- Radar stays up while ADS with primary
      • Aporheosis Veil (Warlock, helmet)
        • Infusion- Health gained from orbs of light
        • Private Reserves- Immediately regen health upon activating super
    • Heavy Ammo Synths


  • Weekly update (2 minutes)
    • $750,000 in relief money raised
    • Activision committing an additional $50,000


Destiny Hot Fix – 05/19/2015 : The one with House of Wolves

Along with the release of Destiny Expansion II, we are delivering some new investment and upgrade paths. The following are changes that will have an impact on every player of Destiny.



  • Added a new Daily Reward package upon completion of the first game in the Daily Featured Crucible playlist
  • Added Passage Coins to reward streams across all playlists, including the Daily reward package
  • Increased Crucible Mark drop rate across all playlists by 100%
  • Increased Crucible Reputation earnings across all playlists by 20%
  • Increased Rare Weapons and Gear drop chance for completing games across all playlists by 100%
  • Added Legendary Weapon drops into the Crucible reward stream across all playlists
  • Added Dark Below maps into all Crucible playlists for all players to enjoy (Pantheon, The Cauldron, Skyshock)


Iron Banner

  • Adjusted the power curve for Iron Banner playlists to accommodate the competitive range of power in House of Wolves
  • Across one Iron Banner event, players competing in Iron Banner with more than one character on the same account will receive a reputation boost for the lower-ranked characters to reach parity with the higher-ranked character more quickly
  • Six additional Iron Banner bounties have been added to the bounty rotation
  • Removed an errant buff from Iron Banner Control playlist
  • Etheric Light will now be available at Ranks 3 and 5 in Iron Banner



  • Newly acquired Faction reward packages will no longer produce Shards
  • The Speaker will exchange Ascendant and Radiant Materials for Glimmer and Motes of Light
  • Xûr will exchange Strange Coins for Motes of Light
  • Commendations are no longer required to purchase gear
  • Commendations can be converted to receive +250 gains in Vanguard, Crucible, or Faction reputation
  • Note: Etheric Light will not be made available for ascending gear until the release of House of Wolves
  • The Cryptarch will no longer convert newly acquired Legendary Engrams to Shards (possibilities include gear/weapons or Exotics)
  • Expansion II featured Daily Heroic activities will produce Motes of Light in lieu of Shards
  • Ascending: Year 1 Legendary and Exotic gear can be upgraded to the highest power levels available in Year 1


User Interface

  • The Control UI above the mini scoreboard has been fixed & returned to the players HUD



  • Added a new “Connection Recovery” System
    • Specific player networking problems will now be fixed instead of kicking affected players to orbit
    • This will be enabled first for Trials of Osiris and rolled out to other activities over time


  • Trivia Time
    • How well do you know your class?


  • Story structure/narrative content of destiny
    • This is not a discussion about lore, but the structure of how the story is presented
      • Possible topics
        • Dead Ghosts should there have been more?
        • Does the fact that this is a 10 year game play into the way the story is being presented (are they presenting a little piece of everything in the beginning since they have 10 years to tell a story)
        • Are the smaller DLC designed to expand upon the universe to provide greater depth VS furthering the main story which may come in yearly fall updates (think Comet vs Dark Below/HoW)
        • What other avenues can they provide for players who want to seek out lore explore
        • etc
    • We should try to be succinct in our points for this conversation as it will be really easy to spend 10-15 minutes on each topic

  • Lore
    • Grimoire Reading- Ghost Fragment: Fallen 2



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