The Bondsmen Present: Destiny- Episode 5


  • Introductions
    • What have The Bondsmen been up to this week?
    • Personal bounties
      • James solos the abyss with his warlock
      • Josh receives his first exotic missive
      • Ashley completes a Nightfall- platforming!!


  • Raid experiences
    • Ashley experiences Crota for the first time
    • James receives Vision of Confluence & Atheon’s Epilogue
    • Indiana Jones chest


  • Xur
    • MIDA Multi-Tool(Scout Rifle)
      • Third Eye: Radar stays active while ADS
      • MIDA-Multi-Tool: Boosts move speed, hair trigger

+2 agility (nice for running Crota’s End)

    • Mk. 44 Stand Asides(Titan legs)
      • Be Somewhere Else: Shoulder Charge stays active longer
    • Crest of Alpha Lupi(Hunter chest)
      • Keeper of the Pack: Revives are faster. Generate more orbs.
    • Skull of Dire Ahamkara(Warlock helm)
      • Energy Projection: Grenade throw distance increased
      • Quintessence Transfer: Grenade kills replenish super
      • Delusions of Grandeur: Reduces damage while using Nova Bomb. Siphon is improved.
    • Heavy Ammo Synths & upgrades also available!


  • Weekly update
    • Iron Banner begins Tuesday, 4-28
      • Pushed back a week to allow 1.1.2 to settle in
    • Commendations are gone. They can be burned for rep.
    • New details about the Reef (social space)
      • DLC not required to visit the reef
      • The stuff we’d expect
        • Bounty Tracker
        • Cryptarch
        • Vaults
        • Postmaster
        • Dead Ghosts
      • Plenty of people to talk to
        • Petra Venj, Wrath of the Queen- Story content & bounties
        • Variks, House of Judgement- PoE gear exchanged for weapon cores/armor cores
        • Brother Vance- ToO rewards/supplies
        • Xur- Expect him to be at the reef
    • Changes to the tower
      • Speaker will exchange currency/mats
        • 1 for 1+glimmer to exchange energies for shards & vice versa.
      • New faction gear available
    • Gear modifications
      • Upgrade gear to DLC quality
        • Use etheric light for legendary upgrades
        • Use exotic shards for exotic upgrades
        • Armor grants up to 38 light
        • Light level cap will be 34
        • Weapons up to 365 attack
        • Perks do not reset
      • Reforge weapons at the gunsmith
        • Can reforge new Vanguard and Crucible gear
        • 250 glimmer + mote of light
        • Changes perks on weapon
        • Will remove all perks purchased
  • Lore
    • Grimoire reading- Fallen Servitor

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